well, may has made it's presence, and on this side lots of fun activities have been happening. if you follow on instagram of course you've seen these, but for those that don't...
last month being my birthday month i sure had lots of fun during the weekends, first off had a blast shopping and supporting fellow handmade artist at Odd Duck Bazaar

the cool day of the dead print, which is now hanging on my living room is from the global galavant
and the yummy soap from habitat soap
there were a lot more fabulous artist, but got caught up with browsing and forgot to take more photos, boo!!

also had a fun and colorful custom order

and the most favorite of all was my birthday which i spent at the Miccosukee Village and the Everglades 

this was waiting for the alligator show to start. YES!! i touched a baby one, yay!!!
had an absolute blast. went on an air boat ride, even ate gator bites, haha!!!!
loved the area so much, that am hitting the Shark Valley bike trail tomorrow, hopefully i wont pass out from the heat.



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