spring garden centerpieces

I know Spring isn't officially here and if you live in the northern states you are ready for it to come. well, in south FL we are having gorgeous weather, my garden it's looking fabulous and spring is in the air!!
After the updates on the house, i have decided to update my home decor too; so i began with some springy centerpieces for my tables (dinning room and my little eating table) and decided to share the how-to of some of the pieces. 
I got the galvanized round trays at Hobby Lobby's spring section, which goes along with my "modern farmhouse" style decor nicely. The twig balls, candles and foam mushroom I had it from my old centerpiece, but can easily be found at your local craft store or even Walmart.
i made the rest, which will explain the how-to. 
I got:
-pack of 9 foam ball about 2in
*had some tiny ones in my craft supplies, which i also used
-green moss 
had and used:
-burlap 1/4
-jute cord
-glue gun and scissors
*** extra step***
-clay, acrylic paint, paperclips (mushrooms) 
shape small quarter size pieces of clay in mushroom form, insert half of a straightened paper clip and bake according to instructions. paint with acrylic paint; i did red top, white dots and bottom. finish with sealer like modpodge.
(I did these a while back)

moss balls:
the moss comes in pieces, you can of course cut it, no need for perfection here, just glue and press until all foam areas are covered and of course shape it roundly.

burlap balls:

for these i cut approx. 1 x 6 inch strips (doesn't have to be exact) and start to glue. Note burlap it's stringy, messy and if too much glue is used it will go through and burn your fingers, you have been warned, haha!! glue until all foam has been covered, shape it so it looks round (some of mine looked oval). any fiber sticking out or any patches of dried glue showing cut them carefully. 

jute balls:

these just need some patience. you begin doing the circle and keep going around use little glue and little bits at a time so no glue sips through and it's nice and tight. If some does go through cut carefully. Also, don't pull on the cord to tight it can ruin the shape of the foam.

for the big centerpiece i placed the candle in the middle, put some crinkle craft paper around

and put in the balls randomly and the clay mushrooms.

i tied some jute around and that it's it! 
i have a little bit of spring greenery in the house.  
if anyone does one or a similar do share and if there is any questions do sent it this way.


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