love window...

this particular project came about while browsing through pinterest, im pretty sure many have seen similar projects, because there are plenty of tutorials i must say.
anyway, i saw this beauty from I am momma- hear me roar

and just loved it, so i searched around and liked this one i found Etsy from

from my last trip to the Cooper City Antique Mall i found this awesome window (the white one, of course) just perfect for the project!!

i sanded it, since it had some dried dripped paint, but i wanted to let the original patina to show and got some of the original wood to show, specially on the edges
cleaned really good and finished with wiped on poly
i hand painted the letters and used photo paper to print some photos
glued them with double sided tape and DONE!!

it's right at our entry and looks lovely. 
will be doing a second one, in this style  

but with the dogs ;) haha!
till next one

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