stitch rock 2014

yesterday was stitch rock and what a fun time it was!!! 
got all set up

12pm hit and the fun began...

this was pretty much my view the whole day... great crowd!
it was fun catching up with fellow artist and getting to know new ones..

across from me had the talented Natasha of Everything So Pretty
of course got some soap ;)

to my right was Bethany of 143 & Me

to my left Lara and mom Sandy of Box Collective
since i was abandoned by my Bitty helper, i did sporadic rounds to greet and shop... 
there was...

were i got this little one

yes, 2 more air plants to the collection, haha! 

pretty pouch and dolly, how to resist!?!??

that's but a taste of a taste of all the talent gathered at the show and what makes me tear a bit is i wasn't able to make it to the upstairs or outside vendors.....BOOOOO!!!!!

ooh, how can we forget the mustachio people, this year there were monsters too!!! ha,ha!
lots of thanks to:
 all that stopped by the booth, it was an absolute pleasure 
to the fabulous panda girl Amanda Linton for another great show!! 

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