2 weeks later...

i can't believe how fast time seems to be moving for me, so much going on and i am a week away from the fair, yiikeessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is exactly how i feel, haha!!!
ok, fall is officially here, 
my favorite season, even if nature's changes aren't visible here in south Fl, still love it!
**renovation update**
we are behind schedule thanks to some leaky pipes found, but at least last weekend the kitchen got walls again. i on the other hand am just a bit ahead schedule with all the furniture painting, we seem to have extra rain in the weekends, just when i can get the work done, but....i'm working around it

i had shared on instagram an old chair i found in my neighbors trash, which got re purposed as a planter, well look at it now... love that blue! 

also, if you haven't been to the shop lately MsBitty snucked some new bags that can be found in the Bit of Knacks section...

and for those wanting a sneak peak at the goodies in the works... here's a taste...

i have a few extremely late post that i just haven't had time to edit the photos for, i will try to post within the next 2 weeks, till then...
happy crafting!!


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