at the nurseries....

still working on the beautification of the patio, can you believe this?? it feels like forever. between the weather, world cup, procrastination, and some lazyness from the helper this project has stretch way too long for my liking, but a mission is a mission and i must finish it. rant over ;)
went last weekend to some of the nearby nurseries looking for some xx large pots for my 2 pines with no luck, but of course the lovely scenery i just had to share...

and after seeing all those DIY gnome/ fairy home pot projects on Pinterest, i just had to try one for my front 

 it was super fun to make and can't wait to do another. did i mention the BF loved it!! 
the pots i already had them, the green buried gnome it's one i had a while ago from the walmart dollar craft section, the bamboo thingy is a placemat i got for $.50 at a goodwill, the mini clay gnome and mushrooms I had from an Etsy shop BlueMallard that was sneaked attacked a while ago, the only thing i got was the fern. when i make the next one i'll take pictures as i make it and do a little how- to.
till next one,
happy crafting

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