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ok back from a bit of blog silence, but all for a good reason. been catching up around the bitty house and there are lots of "home improvements" projects that have been waiting patiently for me and the BF to stop procrastinating and get to work on. the boys and i have set a goal and have agreed to take advantage of the good weather/ no immediate fairs and get to work. 
the mission: every saturday work on the house 
long term mission: finish the first floor of our home by december (kitchen revival/ all the backyard/ laundry room/ paint house/ craft room, YAY!!!!)
we started with the back yard (we had done a tiny piece of the fence last july and left it at that, yikes!) so last week we began the worst, re-doing the whole fence which was a disaster, i'm talking rotten wood, broken parts, to the point you could shake the whole fence.........got the working shoes

and the demolition began... here are some photos of the last part of the old fence

we had to remove all the fence, even had to throw in some concrete on the floor, but finished looks fabulous

as you can see, much better!! the planting pots will get some beautification too, but next week is paint and some other "structural" projects for the opposite side (that's what the pallets are there for ;) haha!!) too much DIY pinterest ideas. i will share before and after photos as we progress along with the usual postings.
till next one

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