odd duck...

the odd duck has left the building and what fun it was. had an amazing time and met some fabulous people

got our official badge and MsBitty's booth all pretty up

even got our bitty helper to smile for once

now ready for some fun

plenty of people came by, even some rocking babies ready to strike a pose

chatted plenty with my neighboors...

once again next to oppasnout designs
just love the piggy super heroe

right across were the ladies of into the looking glass

next to them allissa alfonso
loved the display!

behind me was Sara of pretty fun
with the prettiest girly dresses

next to her was Natasha of everything so pretty
whom i got the most delish lavender soaps
n check out the beautiful photo album she posted on her facebook page of the show

next to her Madison of Rockabilly Revolt 

of course the one mission all vendors have is not to over spend during the show, as i browsed around, greeting and meeting, i came across one who had some fabulous AIR PLANTS!!!!!
 leaves A mark had a beautiful selection, I behaved and only got 2 pretty little ones for my collection 

and the booth that seem to draw everyone, me at least ;) and who I had the most pleasure in meeting

of course the browsing and behaving only lasted a bit and here are all the goodies had

yay odd duck!!!!


beadsoul said...

Such a cool bazaar- loved your set-up and the loot you found!

Amanda said...

Looks like you had a blast Maria!!!!!

MsBittyKnacks said...

Thanks ladies! It sure was fun.

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