a fly bye...

with all the happenings at the bitty household, I hadn't the chance to properly sit and share some photos of my little weekend getaway. 
i went to my beautiful native island Puerto Rico, to visit my parents and the views are just breath taking, at least for me ;) 
this is driving towards the local beach

el Guajataca

and the strongest stick of them all, haha!!
here is the neighboring town beach Jobos, Villa Pesquera

of course my third favorite thing to do while there was hitting the crafty shops with my mama

speaking off, here are some of her bonsai trees (this is  about 10% off all she has)

and the sign that made me laugh.... finally aware...

in overall the trip was way too short, but it was fantastic fun and most importantly i spent some time with my family and got some mental relaxation, which was highly needed.


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Summer W said...

Great Pictures!

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