the crafty table seems like Santa's work shop with all the new pieces in the works. the ideas are flying and the sketchy notebook can hardly contain all MsBitty wants to do. i must admit, i get a bit flustered and that's when a bitty brake is in order and what better thing to do than to garden?
one of my favorite forms of relaxation, play with a bit of dirt and give my bitty bonsai tree's some loving... so i headed to my favorite bonsai nursery, got some pretty pots to pretty up some of my babies, when i notice something that has been catching my eye lately, air plants.
i know, many know already or have seen them or already are die hard fans of them, because they sure are addictive, well i got my first one

and of that one i officially made my second one, which is the one with the gnome of course
but that was after i got some of the bonsai tree's pretty up

that night i ordered some air plants via mail.......

number #3 
the bitty therapy or new obsession seems to work because i finally got some pretty dolly's done. 
which makes me curious...
 what gets you my reader relaxing and/ or getting your creativity flowing??? do share


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