where has the time gone??

seems like time is flying since thanksgiving day and i've been playing a bit of a catch up. so much going on not only at the shop but at the day job and home front, but i finally found a few minutes to sit and write and share with you all the fun and jolly goings at the Bitty household.
i did spread out the post since there are lots of pictures to share, so here i'm sharing the last pieces of the 2013 christmas collection
there's a jolly mousy in Frosty's hat

and didn't you notice his shiny nose, yes he is a Rudolph fan, haha.
did more houses, sorry MsBitty and i just like and really enjoy doing them

had to have some holiday mustaches

and these that sprang from a holiday carol

the angel came out just too cute!!
sadly, but yes that's all. had to cut a bit since there's too many handmade gifts and custom requests, which we love.
speaking off here at the Bitty household we are keeping our give handmade during the holidays pledge, so after the 25th i'll share all the goodies i've gotten from some wonderful indie artist.
till next one,

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