let the holiday start...

ok, i know i have been a bit on the slakervilla with the post here, but that is the last thing i'm doing (slaking) haha. of course those that follow on instagram and facebook know MsBitty and i have been slaving away on all the NEW holiday goodies and keeping up with the orders and regular life  @-@ but starting tuesday the 2013 holiday collection will begin popping in the shop, slowly but steady, yay!!!!!!!
today i wanted to share a very special order I worked on, that i have been barely containing myself to share here. this was a commission and i'm glad to report the customer looved it! yes, MsBitty was so deligthed!!

this was a super fun order! did three personalized larger owls the rest as you can see very colorful and full of whimsy!

 so you like??????

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