going merry cookoo...

holiday fever is sure getting to everyone and the bitty household has been like a little elf factory, that's how busy. but i am more than grateful for the customers and that we have been keeping up with demand. of course that means my bitty blog space has been a bit neglected but not to worry because here's a bit of a recap of what's been in the works.
last week you all met baby santa, who i'm happy to announce has traveled over seas to her new home but i failed horribly to mention her pal frosty baby

and inspired by the little woodland plushies, MsBitty and i decided to create their baby sisters who i am sure will add lots of cuteness to any christmas tree

since i didn't want to make big holiday houses and i love making fabric houses MsBitty and i settled on doing mini ones instead and went a bit crazy and did 4 little sets

there are two of these winter wonderland ;)

aren't they cute??
also decided to try something new... in this modern day gift cards are a bit deal specially during the holiday season i wanted to do an ornament / gift card holder that didn't involve a holiday stocking so tadaaahhhh!!!
candy owls to the rescue

well more is still on the works believe it or not so i'll give reports as soon as MsBitty is done her magic so keep checking regularly and almost forgot be in the look out for black friday and cyber monday some sales are in the works ;)




Zombydolls said...

Great work ;)


DoodleDollies said...

These are all so cute!!!!

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