and there was a cheerleader...

last week while playing a fun game with friends online, one of them curiously inquired about doing a dolly for her granddaugther... as we brainstormed back and forth the basics were decided and off with the plans MsBitty got to work...
ideas: cheerleader, long brown hair pulled back/ team colors gold, black and royal blue/ personalization
here are the end results meet Breanna the cheerleader

added some sparkle to her eyes as an excitement type effect

recipients initials more uniform style

first time skirt flare and some cute sneaker strings

the pom poms came out too adorable, added a holiday pom pom garland to my to-do list ;)

i'm glad to report my friend was more than happy with the end results and i'm waiting to hear of the new owners reactions since is a surprise birthday gift.

till next one, happy crafting



Zombydolls said...

She's very funny with her pom poms

DoodleDollies said...


MsBittyKnacks said...

thanks ladies!!!!

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