monster wreath tutorial...

 here is a simple and fun tutorial to celebrate and spread some halloween cheer, ps. great fun with kids too ;)
first off we will need...
glue ( i used my glue gun)
round foam wreath
large foam sheet (white)
 2 colors of felt 

here we go! 
the first part is the longest part, so take a deep breath and lets begin covering the foam wreath with the yarn, any color works for your monster, i did mines in black and i glued the first bit and just held the yarn as i went, do it any way you prefer, just make sure no foam is visible

and yes, i was watching tv as i did this part :) once the wreath is all covered, cut the yarn and glue. 
here i measured a piece of yarn and tied it, with a little gap to serve as a hang, this of course marks your top and bottom part

now place the wreath on top of the foam sheet, looking down (into the wreath) draw with a pencil the monsters teeth top and bottom and mark the outside of the wreath too. cut the foamie and glue to the back of the wreath, make sure no foamy is visible when you are looking at the monster from the front ;)

for the eyes with one felt color do 2 large oval shapes, then with the white foamie do a medium circle, and with color #2 of the felt do a smaller circle. glue one on top of the other and to the front of the wreath.

**NOTE** play around with the eyes and adjust to your own preference, that's the fun of making a monster

guess what? that's it! you got yourself a monster
 so decorate your home and make sure all your doors have a monster guarding it

this is my front door monster and I'm calling him Jacha!
so send me some monster photos!!! 



Zombydolls said...

I think I'll try to make my monster door ;) he is very funny
Thanks :)

Amber said...

Cute idea!

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