photo fun...

this week there's a bit of commotion on the bitty household, besides the usual run-a-rounds, lots of hooking and knacking, an event i've been waiting for is this weekend. a good old friend has decided to tie the knot with another good friend, so it's a double friendly wedding! so, i got myself an adorable new dress, this is from fleetcollection on etsy, highly recommended, received great and fast friendly service

and MsBitty decided to do a cute little gift, here's a sneaky peek, since she shoo me off...

 i'll make sure to take lots of pics once it's finished.
ooh, and better yet i get to have a little road trip and see more good old friends on this gorgeous event, so a bit excited here, i'll make sure to take lots of photos of it all too.
on another note, had my boyfriend nagging for an update to one of his guitar speakers, so after much debating with "what he had in mind" i was finally able to in a nifty matter of minutes make his speaker into the envy of his fellow band mates

 also, received some yummy looking fabrics this past week, this is from fabricsupply

and the most adorable cushion cover from dottie angel

and this is what's been hooking...

last one are a bit of surprise and yes had a bit of fun with inline camera, haha.
so till next one, lots of hugs

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