bit pondering...

this past week began as a quiet one, lots of pondering thoughts on how things are, where they should lead, in other words a bit of freak out mode for me. but as i continued in my usual way i realized, don't we all wish to be always in a bit better state and i am quite content to what i have achieved so far, so freaky thoughts squashed, like the pest they are and i enjoyed a fun game with some sneaky friends online and lets just say lots of shopping was had, a perfect ending to all the doubts i had
by the end of the week i was absorbed with 3 custom orders and now i question, what was that all about??
well, today i'm happy to share the pretty things i made, which are in route to their new homes

this mommy and baby owly set

some heart topper
for which now in the shop there's an option to buy a smaller version of the original
so lots of hugs and yay to a short work week!!


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