bitty bunting tutorial...

i owe all of my readers a square bunting tutorial from when i did my first for my craft show back in october. yep, i remember writing i would do a square one, but never got to it, don't even remember as the why's???
well, i got a bunting bug a few weeks back and did a whole bunch and remembered so here's how i did these bitty buntings, enjoy....
Bitty Bunting Tutorial
fabric(s)- whichever design, material, color as your heart desires
bias tape or you could make your own
scissor, pins, ruler, paper (for pattern drawing)
1. first a pattern, if you would like the bunting matching in size all the way.
(NOTE: not required at all)
i used basic doodle paper, drew a square and triangle with 1 inch extra all around

2. cut selected fabrics
i used regular cotton and the ones pictured below are flannel

after cutting, press the fabrics
if you are adding any type of embellishment do it now
i put doilies and felt stickers

3. pin together, right sides looking at each other and sew

NOTE: cut the corners edge for straight edge

4. turn material, push on the edges carefully with a pointed object and press again
5. now line your flags to which ever desire lenght you want and pin the bias tape and sew and that's it!!!!!!!!
(sorry forgot a photo of this part)
but, you should have some adorable buntings like these...

so have fun and hang some buntings!!!!

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