Bitty Bunting Flag Tutorial

I embarked on a mission to create 2 bitty bunting for my up-coming show in October. While taking photos, documenting my progress, I asked...why not do a tutorial?
Here is the first...

Fabric Bunting Flag Banner Tutorial

I chose 3 different fabrics, with (the dottie) as the my main one. Making my measurement needs: 1/2 yard of 2 variety and 1 yard of the main color. But of course you can pick whichever fabric color you want.
I did my own bias, but you can purchase one from the store, recommended size 1 inch.
Scissors or Rotary Cutter (recommended) 
Iron/ Press

Step One

Since we will be cutting repeatably the same flag shape, I went ahead and made a pattern out of heavy card stock. Mines measures 8 1/2 inches tall, 8.25 inches top with a 1 inch square bottom.

I folded the fabric and began to cut the fabric, since I used rotary cutters all I did was hold the pattern down and cut. If scissors are used then pin the fabric of course.  I cut 5 of the secondary colors and 10 of the main color. 

Step 2

Place two fabric flags facing each other and pin in the middle. Since my machine sewing level is still "novice" I used a ruler and did a light line on the wrong side of my fabric to guide my stitches and finish off with a straight line ( see how I left 1/4 in. for stitching). Begin to SEW.

Step 3

On the tip of every flag, nip the corners for a pointy end.

Turn over, use a pointy stick to carefully push the flag point and tadaa!!! Cute little flags.

Step 4

Get your iron nice and hot, now is time to press your flags get them nice and straight.

You will notice the pointy corners in the top

cut those right off, nice and neat now.

Step 5

Get the bias, to pin all together. If you are using a purchased, ready to use bias skip to the bottom of this step.
For those that are making their own, this is how I made mines.
I chose a stripe red and white fabric, cut 2 inches in height & 72 inches (2 yards in lenght).

Fold in half and press.

Fold half of the already half and press.

Line the flags and pin the bias, there is no extra space between flags and I left a bit of draw string in the end.

Step 6

Sew, sew, sew.
Go slow between flags to make sure they don't move. 

That's it!!! you have your fabric flag bunting ready for display.

Happy bunting all!

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