The Pumpkin Girls

Those that have snuck on the shop know her.
If you haven't....
Meet the keeper of keys.
The one that makes it her top priority to make sure all in her large pumpkin family are secured, safe and sound.
She's the most trusted with secrets...
Here's Sandi the Pumpkin

Sandi just loooves to rummage antique shops for skeleton keys for her large and ever growing collection.

Now, Sandi came over to visit with one of her siblings who usually comes out only on October 31st.
She's a bit shy one might say, but we got her speaking itty bitty quickly. The best story teller you might meet, of course all her stories were a bitty spooky. Here's....
 Sheri the Pumpkin

She enjoys to make doodling illustrations with her stories to give as gifts to all the little ones in her large pumpkin family.

Our weekend was lots of fun, full of crocheting and yappity yap. Sheri found some left over organic lavender and we made these little cuties that will be available soon.

Meanwhile, visit the shop and check out our own Sandi.

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