Art Rock 2012

Art Rock was a complete success.

MsBitty & I had great fun. We met lots of creative and fun people and the crowd was fantastic.
We arrived in location and quickly set up booth, yep that's our little booth helper rocking the horns.

It was just what MsBitty wanted an array of colors...

Soon after the doors opened the fun began, there were people everywhere.

MsBitty did a bit of wondering around and took some pictures of but a few of the creative artists, their crafty booths and all goodies handmade. 

What is not to love about Lori Pratico's work!! MsLori was very charming, MsBitty and I were very pleased to have met her. 

Right in front of our booth was MsValentina of Valentina Ramos, very original, our little booth helper was fascinated by her work.

How can we pass MsSara of Stitch of Whimsy super fun booth.

Here's MsLola of Sew Lola. We had made her acquaintance before but got to chat a bit more and needless to say MsBitty LOVED her vintage creations. 

MsCalan of Calan Ree, she traveled 4 hours for the event but was eccentric and super friendly. Even got myself a little treat...

MsMillie of Spazzy Wonder happy with her little plushie friends and monsters.

Right behind us was MsVanessa of JustV. Spooky :)

But here is the biggest bunny of them all from MsAlexis of When Bunnies Fly

 These are but a tiny bit off all the wonderful artists at the show, but MsBitty and I couldn't wonder off for too long for our booth was lots of fun. We even had a mustachio celebration.

It was a great event Thanks to all that attended and participated and huge thanks to Amanda & JR Linton.
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