Odd Duck Bazaar

Yesterday Ms Bitty, Ms Nuby (our friend of Colorful Blossom) and me headed to have some shopping fun and ended up in Hollywood were the fantastic group Hollywood Craft Mafia was hosting their 3rd annual Odd Duck Indie Craft Show.  As we arrived on location, super friendly greeters handed us the shows flyer booklet

and stamped our hand marking the beginning of our shopping journey.

They had over 80+ vendor. There were so many talented artist that in no time our totes got full of adorable knacks. 
My first acquisition was from a favorite Mr Danny of Danny Brito

Ms Bitty and Ms Nuby went a bit cookoo and couldn't help themselves with all the adorable bitty knacks Mr Danny  had for sale. Ms Bitty settled for this little mirror called "Homesick" 

It reads: "there's no place like home"
As we were about to go outside we got stunned by the unique art of Ms Alexis of When Bunies Fly

We kept "ooh-ing" and "aah-ing" around. Where we reached the Odd Deck were we bumped into our buddy Ms Millie of Spazzy Wonder 

Having fun with her mustachio, we chatted on and I got another of her super cute ice cream cones; which will be sent to momma via post.

Saying our goodbyes to Ms Millie we met Ms Sue of SeeSueStitch.

Walking on through the Breezeway we met Ms Irma of I Work Art Work

As we walked to leave we looked back and sighed with longing of a longer shopping spree.

There Ms Nuby made a dash to get herself a goodie, here she posed in her excitement

and Ms Bitty couldn't contain herself at AntiSparkle Apparel 

were she got a super fun t-shirt  

of course had me pose

and how to resist the cute little character?? I got a sticker too.

We left joyous of our new treasures but sadden by having to leave. But we soon discovered a little pick me up, a coloring page by Coma Girl to do at home, yay.

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