The Aristocrat

Make way!
Here comes the Aristocrat.

"Old money" 
Refined, elegant, a lady to the fullest.
This old aristocrat is the last of her family and nobody dares to guess her age.
A result of a "bottle doll" challenge; comes this part clay, part glass bottle art doll.

The glass was part of a scented oil with stick set. the inside contains some white and champagne pearls and on the top hangs 3 black chains with a dove, heart and skeleton key charms.

To represent the "old aristocrat" theme; she is dressed with the finest. Bright blue velvet, lots of peach lace and pearls with a peach colored rose on her coat front.

She has a "bee hive" hair-do, adorned with more pearls and peach roses. The hair itself is actual wool.

Her patchy, semi-yellowish, translucent skin is an effect to disguise and actually point to her "old age." The  black, glass eyes to represent a "money-hungry" look. 

The Aristocrat evolved as it was being made and is the newest addition to the art doll collection.
For now she can be found at the shop.
Of course MsBitty would love to know your opinion!

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