Love the feedback!!

I must say receiving good feedback sure does bring a huge smile to any artist. 
Little MsBitty loves it and here she wants to share some of the love given by some of our customers/ friends/followers.

"I cannot tell you how much I love these new additions to my collection! The sweet St. Patrick's figure and the Valentine clown bring a smile to my face every time I see them. They are delightful in their expressions and so nicely made. They join my Fourth of July figure in delighting all who see them. Thank you for your careful packaging and all the extra goodies inside. It's a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you!:-)"   

"I am so impressed with my new journal- it is incredibly beautiful and the way it was packaged was breathtaking. Thank you so much Maria for bringing a HUGE smile to me via the post"

"I love them so much, they are so whimsical thanks for such a beautiful art 100% recommended and super fast delivery"

"I just received my first order from you and I must say that I was extremely delighted with your gift wrap presentation. I, myself, am very big on first impressions and "presentation" is sometimes the make or break of anything in this world. The presentation of the item I ordered was so impressive that I came back online today to view other items you have for sale and placed another order for a couple items of yours.  I like to support people with creative imaginations and the ability to make beautiful and original handmade items.  I applaud your creativity and will keep an eye on your selling site for more items that may catch my eye :o)

As for the actual item I received today…it is quite beautiful. I actually purchased it for a friend of mine who lives in Australia. She just adores the Victorian/Steampunk era. So this will be a very nice addition to her collection. Especially since it is one of a kind! She is very big on writing short stories so I know she will thoroughly enjoy this handmade notebook.  Again, thank you for such a wonderful piece of “art” :o)"

Thank You all for you support!!

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