Liebster Blog Award

As I caught up reading my favorite blogs on Friday I received an adorable surprise in store.
My good buddy Dana of CereusArt nominated me to receive a

and I must say I am honored to receive it!!

Thank You!!!!!!

 Liebster means dearest, beloved or favorite.
Now, the rules are that the winners have to pay it foward to other blogs that are worth the recognition. If they accept the award, they should thank the person who nominated them and link to their site, nominate five other blogs with fewer than 200 followers and copy/ paste the Liebster Blog Icon into their post. 
So, with much pleasure I would like to nominate: 

Sandi at Sandi's Stash http://www.sandists.com/WordPress/
Susana at Lemondear http://lemondear.blogspot.com/
Kristen at K5Art http://k5art.blogspot.com/
Annette at Stockannette http://stockannette.blogspot.com/
Crystal at World of Mine http://worldofminecg.blogspot.com/

What a great way to show love and support to those blog you love and admire!! 

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