Eat, Breathe & Live Art

Yesterday MsBittyKnacks had a leisure day.
We put on our walking shoes and headed to the

An annual South Florida 3 day event celebrating it's 49 years. It is the #1 outdoor art festival in the nation, this years promo was...
Lots of art in various mediums, the categories were: 2D/ 3D mixed media, Clay, digital art, edible art, fiber, glass, jewelry, metalwork

 paintings, photography, printmaking, drawing, sculpture

 watercolor and wood.

 Needless to say it was packed not only by Floridians but people from all over.
Here are a few of the favorites which allowed MsBitty and me to photograph their work, of course their sites are included so you can find their fabulous work.

(our all time favorite of the day!!)

and as an added bonus there was more than the usual 1 bonsai vendor

With great weather, delicious food and wonderful art it was a fantastic outing.
Yes, this is me charging the batteries with a yummy arepa.

So, check out the artists and the festival site. Or if you live close to the area today is the last day and this is a must attend art festival.

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