Bitty News!

Hello fellow friends and fans.
First off, THANK YOU for all the great support, you are all the BEST!!!!

Well, MsBitty has been experimenting a lot lately with different forms of needle crafts, her little obsession has become quite productive and new whimsical fun is on the works. The latest was crocheting and this little treat was her first "official" creation, which was made as a gift to me.

This was her first try at following a crochet pattern (Lorajean's Magazine Nesting Cups Tutorial) which she read off on her favorite magazine Mollie Makes. A miss read lead to a way to big canister, but it was finished nicely and she made it to match my home decor, very cute!

Now, MsBitty has a new Day of the Dead piece on the works. (Hint: it's for the Spring collection) ;)
Also, new little fairies, plushies and fabric journals are coming soon.

Since the Day of the Dead piece takes MsBitty awhile, she decided to post on the shop some mustachio fun which she had done exclusively for fairs. Yes, she made me pose...

Mustachio on a stick, which will be live on the shop this weekend.

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Thanks and Happy Crafting!!

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