Sunny Side Up Craft Show Summary

As many of you know, yesterday was my first craft show and I was a nervous wreck. Well, finally after much crafting, stocking-up, obsessing, etc. etc. the day came and it was super fun.

There is my display with my elf assistant (boyfriend), who kept telling everyone all the ideas were his, of course. :)

The ornament rack.

The packaged ornament sets.

Yes, that's little old me sporting my "Buy Handmade" t-shirt and vendor pin.

There were adorable finds at the show. I met lots of interesting and creative individuals, of course exchanged lots of business cards even gifts. Had the pleasure of working next to a very talented and friendly artist, Nubia. She makes the most detailed and adorable jewelry, (still have to take a picture of the gift exchange we did).

But in summary it was all a success!!

Thank you all for the great support on my 1st craft show!!


Judy Engel said...

Yay, Ms. Bitty! Your handmade goods are PERFECT for craft shows!

CereusArt said...


Virginia said...

LOVE your display -- so festive and inviting! Glad to hear all went well for your first show -- yay!!

Rachel W K said...

your ornaments all look so great hanging up together, love the owl! congrats!

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