The Holidays

With Thanksgiving being next week, many of us are anxiously planning on the biggest sales weekend Black Friday/ Cyber Monday. As a seller, I know many like me have been crazy crafting and stocking up the shops. On top of that there are an overwhelmingly amount of good how-to holidays articles that we can all benefit from but hardly have the time to follow up with. So, for today's post I gathered together a bundle of articles that I find helpful and insightful.

1. A Holiday Ad Campaign in 5 Steps

2. Green Shipping Materials for the Holidays

3. SEO Tips for the Holidays

4. Stocking Up for the Holidays

5. Last Minute Packaging Round-Up

6. The Procrastinator’s Best Friend

7. How to Offer Gift Certificates in Your Etsy Shop

8. Shipping for the Holidays

9. Packaging for the Holidays

10. How to Engage Your Buyers

11. 5 Tips To Help Boost Your Business During The Holidays

12. 4 Tips To Get Your Business Ready For The Holidays

13. 7 Tips For Improving Your Productivity

14. 3 Tips For Promoting Your Products

15. 5 Ways To Incentivize Your Customers To Buy


pasqueflower said...

Great post! This is my first season on Etsy, so I appreciate all the links and tips.

Anonymous said...

incredible list of links

I've been focusing on my craft shows (first two ever) and a lot of the links posted will help me with that too, thank you!


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