The Witches

So, in continuation of the great month of October, may I present....

I really wanted to capture the generational difference between the two witches, so I made the older one look tired, a bit ragged and worn out. The younger fresh, eager and crisp.
These art dolls were made part out of clay (torso) and of fabric (legs).

Their clothing was sewed on using black cotton fabric. The older witch has a shawl that was embroidered and embellished with different style fabrics and buttons.

 The hats were made out of crepe paper, they were painted with acrylics and chalks, and their hair is made of wool. They both sit on a witch shoe made of paper mache and painted with acrylics. Making this piece 11in. long by 10in. tall.
Here are different angle views for your viewing pleasure.

So, what do you think of The Witches???

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