Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

This is the last post of this spooky month and what a better way than by giving a special shout out to a group that celebrates Halloween all year long. As a member I'm proud to introduce 

The Halloween Art Guild

The Halloween Art Guild has been established to promote Halloween related artwork. The guild welcomes artists and collectors of Halloween and dark art. No horror, gore or realistic depictions of death!
Halloween artists, collectors and enthusiasts are welcome to join the Halloween Art Guild. In fact, if you love Halloween, this is the place for you! Professional, semi-professional and amature artists can find encouragement and support to help foster their creative talent. Members can post photos, contribute ideas, or just share their love for Halloween and spooky stuff.!
Here are some of my Halloweenie friends and their works. Enjoy!

Heather Millott is a Folk Artist, living in historic Coal City. Her work reflects her love of vintage Halloween folk art.

 Lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and two children. Jeanie has a particular passion for the lighter side of Halloween, appreciating the magic and mystical lore of the season, rather than the grim and the gore. She is currently working on a personal website, but does sell her finished designs through Cafe Press under various storefronts.

I am a Dreamer, just like you...My life has been a collision of art, animals, and agriculture. I've been a performer, dance troupe director, radio DJ, and currently am a beekeeper, farm advocate, folk artist and general Vagabond.

Malissa- I am a Mom, wife, daughter, sister, self taught folk artist and crafter, decorator, scrapbooker, goofball, Holiday lover, and dreamer with a true Pisces nature!

I am a jewelry artisan that designs jewelry, dark art, mixed media, floral design, digital art, faux pastries and all things related to Halloween. I also am an Artist with SpookyTime Jingles.

My name is Molly and I am a Halloweenie! I have a shop on etsy and I do some wacky whimsical work.I also have a section for Halloween year round.I have two boys and I'm married and we were married on Halloween night in Forrest Lawn Cemetery,so you can imagine were big time Halloween lovers!

Randi- Waiting on Autumn. Searching for the center of the Grove. Charting my path using my art and the guides of all those who have gone before me.

I am a papier mache sculpter & folk art painter
I have been making and selling my creations for over 22 years. I started out sculpting Christmas items & for about 10 years Halloween.

Sylvia Sim from bonnie Scotland, UK.

Hmm, well like the rest of you I am a Halloween fanatic!
I have been doing all types of arts and crafts since I was 16.
I have been sculpting with polymer clay for about 10 yrs and paper clay for about 1 year...these are my favorite mediums.

We have 510 members so far, so if you are a Halloween enthusiast like us come on over and join the group.


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A really neat collection of artwork!!

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