Halloween Home Decor

As we continue the Halloween special... Now lets talk home decor.
One of the fun things to do during this scary celebration is decorating your home, room or apartment. Many go fun house theme

But, unless I'm actually going to a hunted fun house or am hosting a party, this is way too much for my liking. Here are some lovely home decoration images I found on the web, to spark that inner decorator in everyone.


...and why not offer a guest some bloody cake.. :D

Of course, Etsy has got some fabulous additions for your Halloween home decor like..


Vintage Paris Market

These are but a fraction of a fraction of all the goodies out there to decorate. Here are some of mine, i'm keeping them small, sorry for the horrible, un-edited pics ;)

These are but a few...I still have to carve my pumpkin this weekend.

Now, my question to you is what is the essential must Halloween decor??


Kendra + Patricia at Sweet Magnolia Way said...

Great ideas ~ love the mice on the stair steps!

artisanallunwound said...

The Etsy decorations are great. Out of the home decor shots I really like the pumpkins with tree branches in them and crows.

A pumpkin of some kind is essential for Halloween decor at our house. It can be uncarved, carved, or plastic with a light in it. Or even mini pumpkins on a tray.

ConnieLou said...

Answer...A Spooky wreath on the door. I love your nutcrackers!

CraveCute said...

Love the Halloween pics! Can't get enough!

CereusArt said...

I have to have a carved pumpkin!

by the way I love the mice on the stair steps too!

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