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Here is the winner of MsBittyKnacks 9th Artist Feature
Karen of:

Cutie Pie Card
 This creative artist or as her blog reads: A one-woman crafting company is based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. From an early age she has been creating, she shares: " My Mum is a tailoress and we were always sewing and making things as I grew up. I was fascinated by how quickly she could knit."
Karen is a full time Web Developer. However, for the past year she has been taking various art and craft courses and as she says "got the bug back". By searching how to sell her work online she found Etsy and created her shop twentythreetwo on March 3 of this year were one can find a variety of handmade goodies like cards, screen prints, bibs, badges,  bags & toys. Her best sellers are the cards and bibs; she shares: " at my last craft fair, a lovely lady was buying the cards as quickly as I was making them!"  

Woodland Creatures Card
Vibrant Green Oilcloth Wipeable Baby Bib
 But, when asked which was her favorite, after a bit of difficulty she said: I'd probably say my "Songbird" print. I love the colors and felt a great satisfaction when it all came together  from the hand-drawn image to the final hand-pulled print." 

Karen's inspiration come from a variety of places, she says: "it can be an idea that stems from fabric I love, a colour palette, or a doodle based on something I've spotted." However, when an artist block occurs she says: "For me it's important not to force ideas, I work best when they come naturally, so I'll go and do something away from my workspace. I usually make notes or draw things when I think of them so I have a bank of inspiration to refer to."

Pink Striped Heart - Handmade A4 Screen Print
I asked Karen what was her best marketing strategy and she said it was by having a blog, a twitter  and a facebook account. She explains: " As a web developer I understand how important social media is in attracting traffic to you and for SEO. I also truly appreciate that these are not only hugely effective but also great fun."   The best advise to new sellers is " don't expect too much too soon, there are lots of great crafters and artists out there and it can take time. Enjoy what your doing, soak up advice and information wherever possible and the rest will follow." 

Handmade Iron-On Applique Tree Cotton Tote Bag
What does Handmade mean to you??  
"Handmade means creating something that is not only unique, but that someone has taken the time and effort to produce using real skills."

Fluffy Bunny Rabbit Plush Toy
Karen's Favorites:
Artist: "I love Lisa Stubbs work. I find her very inspiring as a person and an artist."
Materials: "A pencil and paper, that’s where it all begins for me!"
Holiday: "This will be my first Christmas as a craft business and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m creating a range of ornaments and cards which I’m selling in support of Maggie’s Centre, Aberdeen. They do great work throughout the UK for families affected by cancer and I’m hoping to help raise funds to bring a centre to Aberdeen."
Techniques: "I always love learning new techniques but screen printing is my favourite. I love the process involved from drawing the design to building the image and the big reveal at the end!"
Color: "Anything bright usually catches my eye but I love the way that colours can work together."
Etsy Shops: "I love to shop on Etsy so there are lots, but Lisa (Stubbs) shop Lil Sonny Sky, None Such Garden, My Mimi, Kitty Pink Stars and Mystic Dwellers are amongst my favourites."

Tweed Bunny Rabbit Button Brooch/Badge
Karen's goals are are to continue to grow her business. She says: " I dream of a lovely big studio to work in, so who knows...!
Six Two Hole Aqua/Pale Blue Plastic Buttons
  So, now that you know her go on over to her shop, follow and like and be part of this wonderful artist's world!

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