Trick or Treat

12 Days left and the month of October makes his appearance. Ghost, gobbling, jack-o-lanterns, bats and witches are displayed. My favorite "holiday" since I was a kid. When I was small all I thought of was the candy I was going to get, later the horror movie marathons (my favorite movie of course is Halloween); costumes and pranks. Now, all of those and the home decorations. So in celebration of dressing-up for Halloween here are:

Ready for their treats are these OOAK trick or treaters.

These little ones were made out of clay, painted with acrylics and glazed with a satin that creates a crackled effect on the pieces. There are four trick or treaters: pumpking, skeleton, devil and the witch all holding their treat bags which were made out of paper and bakers twine.

They are posing in front of a scary looking paper mache, glittered tree. On the tree hangs a talking head, a crow and a smiley ghost.

At the base of the tree, besides the scattered hay are 3 jack-o-lanterns.

This whimsical Halloween piece sits on top of a wooden base that was painted with black and orange acrylics; making it stand 13 in. tall. In the front has a scrap paper that reads: "treats" in the shape of a candy and on the bottom a pumpkin saying: handmade by MsBittyKnacks.

Here are some angle pictures for your viewing pleasure.

This fun Halloween piece is currently for sale at my Etsy shop!!


PS. Come back soon, more Halloween pieces still to come.


Rachel W K said...

wow this is just amazing! You have so much talent, and the detail in the base is so good. The little trick or treaters remind me of the little kids in the Nightmare Before Christmas. Fantastic piece!

-rachel w k

MsBittyKnacks said...

Thanks Rachel! They do, specially the skeleton kid;)

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