Halloween 2011 Collection Begins

Finally, my favorite time of the year is literally around the corner. Yes, 3 months in the world of handmade is around the corner and for me there's not enough time to create all the wonderful ideas my brains keep throwing my way. As many of you noticed, I already posted some cute Halloween Silhouette Ornies. They come in a set of 4, as seen in the picture:

They were featured on this cute little treasury by jdenitto1966:  "Black Cats Rule!!

Originally I had 2 sets for sale, but was contacted by Gemma Booker of  www.childstylemagazine.com for a chance to submit a sample for their Halloween theme photo shoot so wish me luck!! =)

Now, yesterday I spend all day in crafty heaven and finished up 2 new pieces. Here is the first,

"Miniature Witchy Trick or FrankyTreat"

This whimsical ornie set portray a little witch and a little Frankenstein holding their little banners that say "trick"and "treat". They stand on wooden blocks; both made out of clay, square dowels, crepe paper, and acrylics.This mini pair are a sure way to bring fun into your home.   


The second one, which by the way was sketched-up during my chaotic short visit to P.R. Here is:
"Happy Halloween Clown

This clown is fun and full of whimsy!!!! He's made out of clay, painted with acrylics, embellished with crepe paper and lots of glitter. Here is a close-up to his cute paper hat.

He stands on a jack~o~lantern that was also made of clay and painted with acrylics. The base was decorated with crepe paper and has double wooden circle on the bottom to stabilize the piece, 

The paper banner was hand stamped to say "Happy Halloween" and has plenty of glitter to emphasize the festivity!

These are but three of way more to come in the up-coming weeks. To give you an idea here are some of pieces in the works....

Ooh, and I almost forgot to show you the cute little treat I got for myself. This is from Etsy seller ArtByLupeFlores

Isn't this a cool t-shirt or what???? Wore it yesterday and love it!!
Also, got commissioned for a goth/biker/rock and roll collage work. The theme will be revolving vices and sins, it's going to be exhibited at a tattoo parlor/biker bar in Puerto Rico; yes it's a joined business. Here is the main attraction of the piece, of course I will post the finish work on the blog.

Well friends, do share your thoughts and come back this Tuesday, my feature will be up.  I will tell you where so you can all check it out and enter the giveaway; the piece was exclusively made for this occasion. :D XOXO

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