Bitty News!!

Well, I have been up and about like a crazy woman lately. Went to do a surprise visit to my parents in Puerto Rico over the 4th of July weekend, for which I don't even have a picture to show you all, so imagine how busy I was (had a little fam. emergency, nothing serious thou). Did take some pictures of some of my mom's work, which I will share on a later post. Yes,  I still haven't down loaded them to the computer, got a head cold one's back to the sunshine state and of course it has been catch-up these past few days.
But, on top of all the craziness a news up-date is way over due. One, the third artist feature will be up either tomorrow or Monday, pending how I feel (hopefully better!). Second, already began 2011 Halloween Collection, too much fun!!! Got my black sketchbook full of whimsical ideas and 3 are on the works, which means NEW ITEMS coming SOON!!! =D Also, my feature is scheduled for this month, I will be keeping you all posted because there IS a GIVEAWAY!!!yey!! An original work made for the occasion, hey it's my first feature after all.
If you haven't noticed the "Add Your Handmade Shop" page will be officially running every 15 days, so there will be two featured artist every month.
Also, became a volunteer host for a traveling monster. Yes you heard me, soon enough a cute monster called Bilbert who will be traveling around the world will be my guest and I will show him all the wonderful tourist spots here in sunny Miami, FL. Here he is

He was made by the wonderful doodledollies If you would like a laugh and see some little mosters party hardy check Bilbert's going away party at http://doodledollies.blogspot.com/2011/06/bilberts-farewell.html

Well friends got to go and do share your thoughts.

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