Artist Feature: Maria Luisa of "MLPJewerlyDesigns"

Here is the 4th winner of MsBittyKnacks Blog Artist Feature

Maria Luisa 

Bee 1" Glass Tile Pendant

Mari is a self-taught artist based in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. She used to be an Executive Assistant for a cancer institute in Orlando, FL. However, due to an accident she was disabled and moved back to her native island. Wanting to keep busy and earn some money, she decided to learn the craft of jewelry making. A friend introduced her to Etsy and after much research she opened her shop MLPJewerlyDesigns on October, 2009.
Her shop is full of beautiful and original pendants; she says: "I live in Puerto Rico, so my inspiration comes from the mountains, trees, ocean, our music, our culture and my people." Her most sought out items are the Bezel Pendants...

Washi Yuzen Doll 1" Round Resin Bezel Pendant 

But she particularly favors this one....
Cat 1" Square Resin Bezel Pendant
 Because of the "wonderful art image of the cat." Along with Etsy, Mari just opened an Artfire shop


Yellow Flower Bezel Resin Pendant
 To ward away an artist block she stated: "I go to the beach or practice yoga." Her best marketing strategies have been promoting in art sites and blogs, making Etsy treasuries and participating actively in teams. Her advise to all new handmade sellers is "have faith, patience and work hard."
Yellow and White Flowers 1" Square Resin Bezel Pendant

Mari's Favorites:

Artist: Vincent Van Gogh
Holiday: Christmas
Materials: Sterling Silver
Color: Teal
Technique: Wire crochet and wire wrapping.

Floral Alphabet 1" Square Resin Bezel Pendant

What does HANDMADE mean to you??
"Every time I create a piece of jewelry with my hands, it makes me feel awesome and proud that I made something beautiful."

Yellow and Purple Flowers 1" Square Resin Bezel Pendant
Mari's goals is to sell 4 or 5 items per day and build a good reputation in making great items and "of course to make money."

You can find these beautiful works of art and more at:

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