Collage Project

So, I finally dove into the world of collages. Did two completely different pieces, but mirroring some favorite themes Whimsy and Victorian Era.

First up is my Whimsy Flowers; a total array of pink, lavender and yellow this piece portrays the flowers with their facial expressions matching their message LIVE~LAUGH~LOVE. All tide up with tiny buterflies flying around keeping the flowers busy.
The second piece is my vintage Victorian style piece called Material Girl. Here the main attraction is the seductive vintage woman posing in a way to sweep any admirer off their feet. The background is full of post cards and love notes with a splash of rose color making the piece a classic old romance artwork.
I was really pleased the way the pieces came out, considering they were my more serious approach to collage work. I foud it to be very fun work and plan to incorporate more this mode of expression.
Now, for those out there what are your thoughts?? And any tips on collage work are welcomed!!

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